Case Studies

Automotive Business

This business owner thought he had everything under control, until their ordering system went dead in the middle of placing the gasoline order on the the biggest weekend of the year. Losing all those sale was devastating to his business. So, to ensure they never had another network disaster like this one, he called Lawder’s Networks, who assessed their network and formed a plan to provide quality network services at a price they could afford.
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With Board Certified radiologists strategically positioned around the world, Nighthawk Pro provides off-hours, remote radiology study readings and diagnostics with a 30 minute guarantee. For Nighhawks Pro, downtime means NO business will be conducted. Worse yet, it can mean the difference between life and death for a patient. Lawder’s Networks analyzed Nighthawk’s operations from their customer premise to the application infrastructure and out to the remote radiologists. Having isolated the various points on their network where problems persisted, Lawder’s put together a comprehensive solution. Three months following implementation and resolution of previously undetected problems, Nighthawk Pros has reduced network problems down to approximately 20 per month… all minor issues. Now, Nighthawk Pros is able to service their customers, and more importantly the patients, with a totally reliable and controlled network environment.
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