Case Study: Automotive Business


A quiet morning on the lake. A quick nine holes before heading home… a perfect day at the cottage. A tranquil summer weekend like this in Chester County, Pennsylvania, means big business for the owner of a thriving automotive repair business. Customers spend thousands of dollars at his 24-employee service station franchise. But one busy Friday before a long holiday weekend, all wasn’t quiet and peaceful. Their ordering system went dead in the middle of placing the gasoline order. The network server had failed causing the purchasing software to shut-down mid-order and they were now short of gas and oil for the long weekend – the biggest weekend of the year. It was that moment when the owner realized – too late – how important his computer network was to his small business.

“I kept everything on my computer system – my ordering software, payment systems, inventory – even my cashbox is run off a server. In short – without my network – I can’t make money.”

To ensure they never had another network disaster like this one, he called Lawder’s Networks, a local IT service provider, specializing in managing networks for small businesses. Lawder’s came to the garage to assess their network and form a plan to provide quality network services at a price they could afford.

The Benefits

  • Peace of Mind: With the help of Lawder’s Networks, the owner never has to worry about network downtime at his small business.
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring: Lawder’s Networks automatically examines the critical health status of their devices and applications to ensure everything is functioning normally.
  • A remote Network Administrator for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee! For approximately $10 per day, Lawder’s Networks provides them with an “insurance policy” for his network. This inexpensive service will save them a fortune in emergency network problems.
  • Failure Notifications: Lawder’s Networks provides immediate notification of any network concern and enables their IT staff to be proactive, rather than reactive about any issue. Lawder’s Networks staff can be on site to fix something before it’s a serious problem.
  • ROI Analysis: When the owner said he was thinking of opening another service station in a neighboring town, Lawder’s Networks gave him the historical data regarding his IT needs, helping him to make informed business decisions.

The Results

One year later, they will be facing another long and busy summer season. But this year Lawder’s Networks is ahead of the game. They had set up an automatic system to ensure the network was operating smoothly, all the servers and computers were performing optimally and there are no signs of danger. It is once again, the perfect long summer. The only thing the owner wants now…is time off.