Case Study: Nighthawk Pros


Teleradiology business needs guaranteed uptime, all the time

The Client

Nighthawk Pros is awake when most of the world is at rest because the world of high-tech medicine never sleeps. When the radiology staff goes home, that’s when Nighthawk Pros goes to work. With Board Certified radiologists strategically positioned around the world, Nighthawk Pros provides off-hours, remote radiology study readings and diagnostics with a 30 minute guarantee. In many cases, a quick reading and diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why more and more hospitals are turning toward the use of remote radiology services that are fast, accurate, and low cost alternatives to 24 hour staffing. Nighthawk Pros is growing rapidly and conducts thousands of studies per month.

The Problem

In the business of remote radiology studies, network and application downtime means NO business will be conducted. Worse yet, it can mean the difference between life and death for a patient. Nighthawk Pros had been experiencing the typical types of issues with erratic server performance, intermittent application errors, downed network devices and links, along with common routing and switching issues that affect every business on an almost weekly basis. Radiologists can work from anywhere with a broadband internet connection, so security and reliability with health care information is of paramount importance. Although the problems were perceived as annoyances, the real costs of the problems were staggering once analyzed. Nighthawk Pros was losing from $15,000 to $30,000 in revenue per month while their competition was snapping up their business. As well, their image as a reliable provider amongst their customers began to suffer, thus threatening their ability to maintain a rapid pace of growth.

The Lawder’s Solution

Lawder’s Networks analyzed Nighthawk’s operations from their customer premise to the application infrastructure and out to the remote radiologists. Having isolated the various points on their network where problems persisted, Lawder’s put together a comprehensive solution that included the following:

  • Internet security appliances at the remote radiologist’s location
  • Coordination of network access at the remote radiologist’s location
  • Secure HIPPA compliant VPN tunnels to customer and radiologist locations
  • Implementation of applications and servers in Lawder’s data center
  • Implementation of redundant hardware for high availability
  • Implementation of Lawder’s enterprise-level network and application performance monitoring solution complete with automated alarming and escalation procedures for each device, application, and component within Nighthawk’s network.
  • 24x7x365 support for all network functions

The Results

Upon implementation of Lawder’s solution, Nighthawk Pros was experiencing approximately 400 monitoring alarms per month. Three months following implementation and resolution of previously undetected problems, Nighthawk Pros has reduced network problems down to approximately 20 per month… all minor issues. Now, Nighthawk Pros is able to service their customers, and more importantly the patients, with a totally reliable and controlled network environment. Further, they have experienced a 20% growth in their business within 3 months and are back on track to becoming one of the leading providers or remote radiology services in America.

“More than once, Lawder’s Networks has worked with us to resolve imminent network issues much more effectively than we could have by ourselves. Having Lawder’s Networks on our team helps us to deliver amazing IT services to our company and customers, and allows us to grow by focusing on what we do best.”

Dr. Maheep Goyal
University NightHawk Partners LLC