Network Design

Designing a network can be a difficult task for even the most savvy network engineer. Selecting and sizing the correct Firewall, multi-layer switches, routing, the correct data cabling and interconnecting facilities can seem daunting at times when there are problems.

Lawder’s Networks offers networking design services which include the architectural network diagrams, data cabling via Ethernet industry standards to ease in troubleshooting and tracking problematic connectivity issues. Visual aid documentation in map-like representations that outline geographic locations and equipment within those locations help engineers make quicker troubleshooting decisions to solve network down emergencies that may occur.

Diagrams also assists in finding the “SPOF” (single point of failure) within an organization’s network that can almost certainly lead to long periods of downtime during computer workstation and network upgrades.

Our experts would like to craft a network design for your organization that creates multiple layers of redundancy to ensure connectivity fall backs in the event problems arise.